Custom Furniture

Designed specifically for the space.  A beautifully decorated flat with natural subtle tones and austere rigidity. We wanted a table that would match the interiors.

Custom Furniture

Designed to your style and space

Consult with Josh, designer & carpenter of SPRUE Bespoke Furniture. He will take you requirements, and develop it into a furniture piece you’ll love and cherish. Our furniture is specially designed with your specifications and built to last.  Visit our studio in Kwun Tong to see our studio and see our process, materials, and finishes.

We have the best options for custom furniture in Hong Kong.


custom furniture in Hong Kong designer drawing

Custom Wardrobes 

We have helped home owners  measure, design and build custom wardrobes that fit their clothes and space. Imagine putting away clothes in a hardwood wardrobe that is beautiful and exquisite. Koushido doors were used in a recent custom wardrobe we made for a client in Hong Kong. Asides from a Japanese style, our range of tools allow us to make a solid wood, steel, or partial wood construction depending on your requirements, needs, and budget. 


Custom Tables

Isn’t it nice to get a table in your style, color and material AND it fits in your dining or living room? We have made small intimate hardwood tables and large conference tables. Custom hardwood tables are a focal point for family gatherings, design studios, and grand conferences etc. We can also make a mixed hardwood table, or a wood table top with custom steel legs. Also our river tables and resin tables make a great impression on people especially in Hong Kong because we are one of the only studios that make it in house. Control and quality of the resin is especially important so there is no warping or adverse health and environment exposure.

custom river coffee tables
Custom Purpleheart Dining Table with Glass

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve done for clients and their homes



custom live edge bookcase
liquor cabinet black walnut & glass
custom desk cabinet

We work with interior designers, architects, design companies who values quality, the unique experience and service we provide

Made by the people you share the city with

Our Hong Kong Studio

Our studio is also our workshop. Design your own furniture with us! Do you have some DIY projects you’d like to make on your own? Why not come by and talk about it! We’ve got the carpentry and steel fabrication expertise, knowledge on the maintenance of your existing furniture, and advice on where to get materials. Need wood for your project? We can source, cut and prepare it to your dimensions.

We welcome everyone to drop by and check out our materials, techniques and finishes before and during the building process. That way there’s no surprises when your custom furniture arrives at its new home.

Furniture and Housewares

Please note there is a 10-12 week turn around for all custom design furniture starting from date of design approval and payment. Once we’ve completed the production, we will inform you of the shipping time and date.

Contact us if you’d like to customize the sizes on our existing designs

The production time will still be within 4 weeks (under the discretion of our designer)


All custom and SPRUE Bespoke Furniture pieces are made to order. 


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