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Custom Furniture – We work with architects, interior designers, business owners in creating custom furniture that will complete their vision of the space and business. Equipped with a CNC and Laser Engraving capabilities, we have a large range of custom possibilities for branding and creative uniqueness. Businesses can look into creating a unified brand through signage, placemats, cutting boards, wood serving trays etc.

Our team of designers and carpenters help get your ideas off the ground. Our expertise in hardwoods, steel fabrication, finishes, construction make us the best option when looking for custom furniture for your conference rooms, showroom or office. If you want something impressive, high quality and a one stop shop. Contact us at 5702 1042 or email us at

Our staff will be able to help you in Cantonese or English. 

Deer horn slab conference Table
Deer Horn Slab Conference Table
Custom Furniture Retail Display Table
Custom Furniture for Retail
Custom Conference Table with Cable Cap
Slab Conference Table
Custom Furniture Marble and Brass
Marble Top Branch Table
Custom Furniture River Table with a Cable Cap
Double River Conference Table
Mangowood Rolling Desks
Custom Oak Live Edge Slab Table Furniture
Frank's Library
Custom slab table furniture
Slab Bar Table
custom furniture restaurant interior furniture
Custom staircase using hardwoods
Aqua 33 Stairs & Shelf
Custom Furniture
Custom Engraving

All of our work were custom ordered by previous clients. Everything that you see on this page was made in our studio in Hong Kong for someone. Custom furniture is truly our specialty. We use a range of hardwoods and finishes to achieve something truly unique and special. Hardwoods like American Oak, Maple, and Ash are commonly requested. However, we have made many custom furniture that uses more exotic species like Zebrawood, Teak, and Rosewood.

We provide custom furniture to the truest sense of the word. Our designers and architects help you create a practical and space that fits your style, ranging from Modern Luxury to Mid-Century Modern to Industrial Style! Find something right for you, and fits within the space constraints and budget. We pay attention to the design details and function.


Case Study: Tidy tables for a tangle-free meeting

Need a desk that has space to run wires through so that the space looks organized and tidy? We have made cable caps for desk, cabinets, and conference tables. Not surprisingly, compartments to run wires into and cover up are really helpful in the technological age we’re living in. With mostly everyone using laptops, phones, until new technology comes along, we will always need a way to charge our devices.

Which is why we have so many requests to add cable caps in our custom furniture. This little detail, we think, adds so much value and quality of life for our clients



Case Study: Long lifecycle of solid wood furniture; What it says about your values

All of the furniture we make is custom because our clients are unique and can efficiently have a solution that fits their bigger picture. Not only is the furniture custom sized, stylized and made to your specifications, we never build any surplus that gets thrown away because it was last season. We build from solid wood that is durable and can withstand years of use. Unlike particle board and plywood that swells with moisture, well treated solid wood furniture is more durable. Solid wood is used in furniture making for most of our human civilization. It’s no wonder the antiques and relics that you see in museums are made from solid wood. Treated with mineral oils, they can withstand moisture and prevent water damage.

We use OSMO Clear Matte for the top coat because it feels really nice and protects the wood for a really long time. Refinishing is easier than lacquer. Just lightly sand down to the wood and reapply the finish as needed. It is also made from natural ingredients. The oils and finishes from OSMO is developed and made in Germany. You can read about their certifications and sustainability pledge on their website.


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