custom made bronze coffee table
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The Tandem : Special Edition

special edition table custom made to order

A collaboration between two studios in Hong Kong Axolotl HK & SPRUE, who specializes in creating unique furniture and interior architecture pieces out of natural materials.


The Tandem: Special Edition is made with quality timber, coated by a customized brass sheet, with a pattern that was crafted while it was still in liquid state, and enclosed by a solid steel frame in a versatile industrial design. Each segment was handmade by an expert craftman, and the final result is a piece which perfects the balance between utility and luxury; a seamless addition to any contemporary collection

pitted bronze surface custom furniture hong kong

Tandem surfaces on this industrial style coffee table let it add asymmetrical motion to your environment. Watch the legs carefully, where do they start and where do they end? This is an eccentric accent for your office lounge or living room, or under a window in a quiet cafe. Get the look that matches your style and space.

Customize it. We are the only furniture studio in Hong Kong that is this passionate about custom handmade furniture!

Ajing – Custom liquid metal specialists with a large variety of liquid metal coatings.

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Special Edition Tandem Table with Pitted surface bronze custom furniture
bespoke furniture custom
Oak Tandem Table with brushed steel legs as custom furniture in hong kong
Custom furniture for your home with brush white legs and classy wood surface
hong kong custom furniture tandem table with wood and white steel hip scene
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