Solid hardwood furniture is beautifully natural. We design and apply our expertise in every piece we make. Our designers and carpenters work together to create a unique piece that works in your style and space. Every hardwood species have unique constraints. Make sure you pick a reliable designer who can make suggestions on materials and finishes. For instance, certain woods in thin planks have an ability to warp. Our designer can decide if a traditional joinery technique is required based on their carpentry background and combined 50+ years of experience.

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    "When trees mature, it is fair and moral that they are cut for man's use, as they would soon decay and return to the earth. Trees have a yearning to live again, perhaps to provide the beauty, strength and utility to serve man, even to become an object of great artistic worth."

    - George Nakashima

    This turn of the century style custom cabinet is made from stained solid Ash and rattan panels.

    Oak, Maple, Walnut, or something completely different?

    We have a large selection of solid hardwood to see and choose from for your hardwood furniture. All hardwoods we use are natural. Patterns, grain structure, colors, knots and holes depend on how the tree was grown and cut, so it’s understandable that every piece will be different. 

    Follow the link below for a look at the wood samples.

    custom children wardrobe
    custom children wardrobe


    A built-in wardrobe made from solid ash cabinets fitted into a narrow space. The low hangers are for children’s clothes, spaced so they can access it on their own.
    This was part of a larger install with many other pieces, all in solid white ash wood. ⁠


    This custom industrial style dining table was made from Spalted Maple as a slab top and our handmade steel legs.
    L180 cm x W100 cm x H75 cm⁠

    Natural Materials – Ages with grace

    Solid hardwood furniture is exciting as every piece of furniture and surface is different. Tannin in solid hardwood often react with UV light, causing some woods that have a higher tannin content to go deeper and richer in color. Like a good scotch in an oak bourbon cask, the color can express itself into a greater color and the furniture will become more beautiful.



    Product Lifecycle

    All of the solid hardwood furniture we make is custom because our clients are unique and can efficiently have a solution that fits their bigger picture. Not only is the furniture custom sized, stylized and made to your specifications, we never build any surplus that gets thrown away just because it was last season. Our solid wood furniture is built from solid wood that is durable and can withstand years of use. Unlike particle board and plywood that swells with moisture, well treated solid wood furniture is more durable and does not off-gas, something that would be a concern for family with children and pets.

    Solid wood is used in furniture making for most of our human civilization. It’s no wonder the antiques and relics that you see in museums are made from solid wood. Treated with mineral oils, they can withstand moisture and prevent water damage. We use a wide range of hardwoods and finishes to achieve something truly unique and special.

    Solid hardwoods like American Oak, Maple, and Ash are commonly requested. However, we have made many custom furniture that uses more exotic species like Zebrawood, Teak, and Rosewood.

    Most of our custom furniture uses OSMO Clear Matte, a natural hardwax for surface finishing. It is a durable clear matte finish that is easy to clean and maintain. The oils and finishes from OSMO is developed and made in Germany. You can read about their certifications and sustainability pledge on their website.


    A live edge Black Walnut slab table finished with OSMO. Easy refinishing and maintenance long lasting use.

    How to Order

    You can send us an enquiry in 3 ways:
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    1. Send us a message with your custom furniture details and delivery location.
    2. Our team of designers will contact you for future discussion and estimate.
    3. If you accept the estimate then we will send you an invoice for the deposit.
    4. Once deposit is paid, we will provide a drawing for your approval.
    5. We will begin build and send you update photos and information throughout the project.
    6. Finally, we invite you to come to our studio to approve the finished piece and make the final deposit.
    7. We will arrange shipping and handling and installation if necessary. 

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      All our furniture are handmade locally in Hong Kong


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