Measurement of your space 

Many of our clients already have dimensions of the space that want furniture for. However, if you require us to measure your space, our friendly staff will be happy to assist. Our rates are stated below:

$300 Kowloon

$400 Hong Kong Island

Custom Shelving and Cabinet Design

We work closely with you to determine what you require for your freestanding shelves or cabinets. We take into consideration you style, the features and storage you need as well as how it fits into your space. We also plan how the piece will be delivered and assembled. Hong Kong homes have size restrictions in the hallways and lifts. If you think it might be to tight to fit the design, consult with us and we can arrange a time and price to measure the space leading into your flat to make sure it fits through. 

*While we are glad to give you advice, it’s ultimately the customer’s responsibility to determine if they can receive an item, and to that end we will issue full drawings of each custom piece for your approval before work begins. 

Mixed hardwood, ply, steel:  Under W100cm, D30 cm, H80 cm – Starting at $4,000*

Mixed hardwood, ply, steel:  Under W200cm, D30 cm, H80 cm – Starting at $10,000*

Complete Hardwood Shelving:  Under W100cm, D40 cm, H80 cm – Starting at $12,000*

* These are general estimates and may be different depending on the complexity of your design, size, and choice of materials. 

live edge table slab

Slab Tables with Basic Steel Legs

Oak/Maple/Acacia Slabs – from $18,000

Black Walnut Slabs – from $20,000

We will provide a picture of an available and suitable slab for your table before payment.
Prices do not include delivery or installation.

Delivery and Assembly 

You are more than welcome to come collect your finished furniture after final deposit has been made. Our loading area is located in the alley way in front of the elevators. We understand you may not have a vehicle or extra help. Here’s our arrangement and their rough delivery costs.
Just Delivery
  • $200-400 (paid to driver) packing and ground floor delivery with LaLaMove.
  • We can also arrange a third party furniture mover who can deliver to your flat.
    Contact us for a price.

Delivery & Assembly

  • $1500/hr (full delivery to flat with elevators, 2 staff members, cart, packing, etc.) within Kowloon or Hong Kong island.


Please be sure to have the space ready otherwise additional charge will incur. Installation of concrete anchors and other site construction is not included.

All prices on this web site are subject to change without notice. 
Please contact us for more information at

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