Live Edge Slab Table

These slab tables are individually unique. Getting one made for you is part of the bespoke experience! We’ve made many live edge slab tables for commercial and residential clients. We can custom design these tables with steel legs or hardwood legs. The choice is really up to you. With so many design options, finishes, and every possible size, we’re the place for getting slab tables!

Contact us to get one designed and made for you!

Designed & Handmade in Hong Kong

Our studio is also our workshop. We’re a team with carpentry and steel expertise. Let us help you design the perfect table for your space! Designed and built by the people you share this lovely city with. We push for a higher quality of furniture available in Hong Kong.

We welcome everyone to drop by and check out our materials, techniques and finishes before and during the building process. 

Hi! I'm Josh, designer and craftsperson at SPRUE Furniture. What can we make for you?
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