Residential Projects

Here are just a few of the custom furniture pieces which have been designed and handmade in Hong Kong by our team of talented craftspeople. Come by our studio for a bespoke experience. Consult with our knowledgeable designers about your needs, to get exactly what you’re looking for. We have the best options with a variety of wood species, finishes and other materials to choose from. Our designers can show you how the wood will look on your customized and unique furniture. We guarantee you will love to have your furniture custom made to order!

Custom Table with Multiple wood table 3 meters
Custom Tables
live edge table slab
Live Edge Slab Tables
custom made custom designed cabinet
Custom Cabinets
Stylish custom furniture built in Hong Kong by craftspeople in pine and black steel childrens bed
Custom Beds
Custom Doors
Custom Boxes
Ecopoxy River Table
custom design custom made
Coffee Table
Custom Shelving
Console Tables
Custom Lighting

Custom Furniture means Environmentally Friendly

It’s always our goal to give you the furniture that you want, that solves a problem for your or fills a need. When you move or redecorate, we have made each piece from durable materials like steel and solid hardwood, so you can take them with you. We strive to build hardwood furniture that can be passed down through the generations. This way, fewer pieces find their way into landfill. And because each piece of our handcrafted custom furniture is made to order and unique, there is no surplus on our end to throw out or destroy. Our Earth will thank you.

Custom made in Hong Kong

diy custom wood size sanding hong kong

Our studio is also our workshop. Design your own furniture with us! Do you have some DIY projects you’d like to make on your own? Why not come by and talk about it! We’ve got the carpentry and steel fabrication expertise, knowledge on the maintenance of your existing furniture, and advice on where to get materials. Need wood for your project? We can source, cut and prepare it to your dimensions.

We welcome everyone to drop by and check out our materials, techniques and finishes before and during the building process. That way there’s no surprises when your custom furniture arrives at its new home.

All our Furniture & Housewares are Handmade in Hong Kong

Please note there is a 8-10 week turn around for all custom design furniture starting from date of payment. Once we’ve completed the production, we will inform you of the shipping time and date.

Want something sooner? Check out our online catalog of pieces handmade by
our inhouse designers and craftspeople – with a production time of 4 weeks.

Contact us if you’d like to customize the sizes on our existing designs. A small fee of $150 will be charged for design changes.

The production time will still be within 4 weeks (under the discretion of our designer)

 All custom and SPRUE Bespoke Furniture pieces are made to order. 

Hi! I'm Josh, designer and craftsperson at SPRUE Furniture. What can we make for you?
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