Modular Tray Shelves

These modular shelves were designed to accommodate the our changing lives in the tight spaces of Hong Kong. The sturdy hardwood panels slide sideways on steel rails to rapidly change the space to fit what you need, and can be removed and swapped easily. All of this without sacrificing style, with the light oil finished hardwoods playing off a brushed steel accent. We recommend panels made from Canadian Hard Maple or European White Oak, both highly durable and elegant. Other woods are available on request and as always each piece is made to order to suit your needs. Have a look and see how we can help you today.



“A” Series (depth 300 mm)

These system of shelves are 300mm deep and 1300mm tall. The tray spacing are preset to 372 mm. If you’d like a different size, depth, or tray spacing, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the contact form to get it custom made to your specifications.


We currently offer 2 sizes
SERIES A – 1668MM (5 level shelf)
SERIES A – 2066MM (6 level shelf, with mounting holes)

A40 Trays 

L400 x H36 x D300

A70 Trays 

L700 x H36 x D300

A100 Trays 

L1000 x H36 x D300

A130 Trays 

L1300 x H36 x D300

Dimensions are in mm

Here’s an example of Raw steel and Natural Oil

If you’d like to change to other Steel and Wood finishes, see below for the finish and costs

*Steel Finishes
Matte Black 
Matte White  
Raw Steel 


**Wood Finishes
Natural Oil 
No Finish


White Oak

The sapwood of White Oak is white to very light brown, while the heartwood is light to dark brown. It has more figure than red oak, with a distinctive open grain and coarse texture.

Hard Maple

Canadian Hard Maple Wood is a smart, off-white and characterful wood, suited to an array of practical and decorative uses. The wood is defined by its hardwearing qualities and attractive finish with a hard yet fine texture and straight grain pattern

Black Walnut

American Black Walnut is an attractive darker hardwood. Rich dark brown to purplish-black in colour, with sapwood being pale yellowish-brown.

Disclaimer: Our boards are naturally harvested from trees! No one board is identical.
The wood used for your trays will not look exactly like the wood in the photos

Series A – 1668mm

2x A70
3x A130
1x Aframe 5 level
1x *Raw steel finish
1x **Natural Oil wood

Series A – 2066mm (with mounting)

6x A130
1x Aframe 6 level 
2x Mounting 
1x *Raw steel finish
1x **Natural Oil wood

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