Minimalist Oblong Slab Coffee Table



Custom dark stained European Oak by our craftspeople here at SPRUE Furniture. Upon closer look you can see the indentation and patterns of an Oak tree fallen long ago. It is perched upon two brass coated stainless steel legs in perfect geometry and affixed in a neat orientation. The coffee table is like the visual anchor of the living room so to any one there is a cohesive understanding of the style at play. The coffee table should also be functional, as late nights in front of the television warrants a place to set hot drinks. Or the impromtu gathering cozying up with old friends. We hope this coffee table will serve up the needs of your lifestyle and be built to last for generation to generation.

If you’re looking for something that is minimalist with subtle brass elements, this is a great coffee table for you! Change in size and colors are not a problem for us. Send us a message with a photo of what you’re looking for at or send us a Whatsapp message at 5702 1042 for a quote!

L110 cm * W55 cm H35 cm

Designed & Made in Hong Kong

Photo credit to Greg Ling Studios

All our furniture is handcrafted in Hong Kong

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