Mangowood Entertainment Shelving Unit



Designed to fit the space in a Hong Kong flat, and made locally. This entertainment shelving unit has a double folding door that hides a monitor when not in use. A great way to create an organized and tidy space. There is a reinforced shelf and a lipped edge for putting a fish tank on this shelving unit. Two cable covers on the bottom shelf to hide cables and power bar. A seamless door that opens like an accordion by using barrel hinges and a carefully routed lip on the bottom of the door just big enough for fingers to pull open.⁠

It’s made with solid Mangowood. And if you know any thing about Mangowood, it has a very distinct character with reds, yellow, and dark streaks. Occasionally you get a rippling effect when light hits it – you can see on the bottom shelves some of that happening⁠
Made from Mangowood with a dark walnut stain and finished with OSMO natural hardwax. Combined with a raw finished steel for a nice industrial style look.⁠



H220 cm x W200 cm x D40cm⁠

Designed & Made in Hong Kong

All our furniture is handcrafted in Hong Kong

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