Coffee Tables

We have an extensive collection of coffee tables. From round river coffee tables to solid Oak fold down coffee tables, our style changes depending on the client’s taste. That’s why we’re the go-to studio for custom furniture. You don’t have to look further!

Find a size that is right for you in our catalog or tell us what you’re looking for! A coffee table that’s about 1.2 meters should fit a 3 person sofa on the larger scale. Our faux Ossified Oak Slab coffee table should do nicely! This was made from a solid Oak slab that is carbonized with a torch and had liming wax applied to it. A natural hardwax protects the wood and gives it a nice touch.

We have smaller collapsible ones coffee tables like the Folding Coffee Table, made from solid white oak. A very utilitarian coffee table that is designed by one of our designers in Hong Kong.

If you’d like something here but the size is not right for you or you’re looking for something completely different, send us a message at or Whatsapp us at 5702 1042.

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