These are our solid hardwood cabinets made primarily in Oak, American Black Walnut, and Ash. Here are some examples of the luxurious Purpleheart and soft tones of Hard Maple. However, we can built and source almost every hardwood into a piece of cabinetry that we’re sure you will love. We hope these handmade cabinets will pass on from generations to generations.

With spaces as limited as it is in Hong Kong, finding the right cabinet for your home can be a very difficult task! That’s why our studio is a one stop shop for custom cabinets and wardrobes. Our designers and craftpeople will work with you to design and build a cabinet that fits your space. You can choose material, finishes, and hardware that is right for you.

Our hardwood is kiln-dried, so you can be assured that there are no hidden chemicals, mold, or insects in your custom furniture. The surface finish is a Clear Matte hardwax made by OSMO. OSMO is a German company where their hardwax is still developed and produced in Germany. We prefer this hardwax on our cabinets because the feeling is soft on the touch. While looking amazing in natural light, it does a great job at protecting the wood. Hardwax is preferable on furniture because it is easy to maintain as opposed to traditional lacquer finish.

Mid-century cabinet or an Industrial style wardrobes are just some of the styles we’ve custom designed and custom built for our happy clients. Have an idea of the dimensions, look and feel of a cabinet or wardrobe? Send us a message or a photo at or Whatsapp us at 5702 1042 for a quote!

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