Custom Furniture.




What do you need?

A client wished for a personalized gift for his father’s birthday. He purchased this small cask and we helped him design a monogram, then engraved it on the barrel head with our laser.

Do you prefer the warmth of walnut over pine? Or maybe another hardwood? We built this custom bed from mango wood for a client looking for a weathered, heirloom aesthetic. It’s your furniture – the choice of material is up to you.

Laser engraved acrylic on a pine base is a clean and professional look. This merchandiser stands up for its brand,;designed and built to order. The result is a look that enhances the natural and organic attributes of the brand.

The shelf on the left is built to the same specifications as our showroom model, but this client wanted a matching trio to fill those extra corners. No problem!

Intricate laser cut bands of card hold together ribbons for shipping, or become labels at guest’s tables. It’s little touches like these that make your event memorable.

A CNC router is an versatile tool not only for engraving but also for carving functional shapes, such as this hardwood glencairn whiskey flight tray. Is there something we can make for you?


This is Frank – he’s our shop mascot!

He needed a dish so we built him one. 

I’m sure there’s something you need built too.  🙂

Bringing your original ideas to life isn’t just what we do, it’s what we love.

Let’s talk about it.

Our shop is equipped for a variety of processes:

  • Carpentry

  • Welding

  • Steelwork

  • CNC Routing/Engraving

  • Laser Engraving/Cutting

  • Painting

  • 3D-Printing

Hi, I’m Josh.

I’m the head craftsman at SPRUE and also one of our designers. Add me on LINE, WeChat or WhatsApp and let’s start figuring out how to build whatever it is you need. 

(852) 5404 8635