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Ngau Tau Kok-based SPRUE Furniture boasts a modern selection of brushed metal and wooden pieces that put you right into minimalist heaven. From ready-made pieces to custom commissions perfect for residential and commercial spaces, the craftsmen at SPRUE can create variations on their catalogue products, as well as create new designs from scratch. A one-stop shop that covers carpentry, laser engraving, welding, and steelwork, and it’s also a perfect place to find wood materials for your next DIY project. – Localiiz

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加拿大人主理的“香港製造”工業風 – Sprue Furniture!”

Josh對Sprue的Custom Made傢俱相當引以為傲,強調每一件傢俱都是獨一無二,其中原因當然就是因大部份的傢俱都是實木製作,天然木紋當然就讓每件傢俱都有點不一樣!– Homie Living


“Collaboration with SPRUE — a fellow HK Studio!”

One of SPRUE’s iconic designs, the industrial style table is incredibly versatile and can fit in a wide variety of interiors. It holds a delightful secret, however, the legs have a seamless, asymmetrical design which makes it an eccentric understated piece. Where do the legs begin and end? You’ll have to squint to find out. – Axolotl
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