Baked Cafe

Pairing rich flavors with the sweeping grain of hardwood


The team of designers and craftspeople at SPRUE worked with Baked (SOHO Cafe/Bar) to create a warm and inviting local atmosphere – like a neighborhood hangout spot. Three book matched Siberian Elm live edge slabs flank all walls of the customer space, becoming a focal point and setting the shape of the room. The three slabs that were selected, having each been cut same tree, so that the grain of the wood could sweep organic lines all the way to the back of the interior, like the wafting scent of freshly brewed coffee or bread.


The surfaces are all treated by hand in our Hong Kong studio and treated and reinforced underneath by custom designed steel legs and brackets. 
Space was limited and so our designers carefully selected designs and materials that would suit the space, while considering the functionality, ergonomics and space efficiency of each piece. Our team hand crafted a total of 23 uniquely designed stools for the restaurant with matching hardwood elm seats. As always all the pieces were made in Hong Kong by local designers and craftspeople. Contact us today to get something just as unique for your space.

Live Edge Elm Bar
custom restaurant interior furniture
custom steel
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